Taste:   Cherry jam, Prune, Almond
Variety:   Bourbon & Kent
Washed and dried on raised beds



Producer:   Smallhold farmers from the Kimuli agricultural coop (AMCOS)

Formally known as The Kiengere Mountains, the range takes its alternative name from the Scottish explorer, Dr David Livingstone. After initially hoping to travel to China as a Missionary in 1839, Livingstone’s plans were disrupted by the break out of the first opium war, prompting Livingstone to turn his sights to Africa. Here, the Scottish explorer became famed for his work as a pioneering Christian missionary, as well as for being the first European to discover Victoria Falls.

Kimuli AMCOS is known within the region for being well-organised, as well as for its strong focus on quality. Kimuli have invested greatly to improve their central processing sites, with the goal of producing uniform coffee with a great cup profile. Kimuli has three processing sites, serving the 9 villages of the coop society

In addition to coffee, many grow maize, wheat and sorghum, amongst other crops. As well as providing a second source of income, produce such as maize provides useful by-products like mulch for the coffee trees, locking in moisture on the high sloped contour farms. The coffee cherry is selectively handpicked by the family at each farm, before making its way to the nearest processing site. Once delivered, cherry is separated out by the date of harvest. This allows for traceability to be conducted for every lot down to the bag.

For cherry deliveries, the process begins by separating out any under or overripe cherries, along with any foreign matter such as sticks or gravel. Next, the coffee is pulped to remove the outer layer of fruit. Typically, the cherries are picked, sorted and pulped all in the same day, with processing conducted between 4 pm and 8 pm. Next, the coffee is placed into fermentation tanks to remove the remaining mucilage. Here the beans will remain for up to 40 hours, depending on the atmospheric temperature. Once fermentation is complete, beans are washed in cool clean water, often acquired from natural sources such as boreholes or rivers. Finally, the beans are taken to the raised beds to be dried.

All our coffees are roasted and packed in foil-lined bags at our roastery in Penryn, Cornwall.

We roast, hand-pack and ship all orders on Monday and Thursday, including Smält Hot Chocolates, merchandise and hardware items.


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