Coffee Roasting

We started roasting coffee in 2013 in the Old Brewery Yard just outside the historic town of Penryn in Cornwall using a custom built Diedrich drum roaster. The roastery was founded by Angel, an Exeter University law graduate who decided not to pursue a career as a solicitor, but instead he devoted himself to finding the best tasting coffees and roasting them here in Cornwall. His passion for coffee was sparked whilst working in speciality coffee shops during his studies, winning competitions and learning about coffees from his travels across the world. We are now one of the leading speciality coffee roasters in Cornwall and the South West, with wholesale partners across the United Kingdom and employing 6 people, 3 of whom are certified judges for the UK and World Barista Championships.

We believe that roasting great coffee is the result of years of industry experience and establishing great relationships between cofee growers, importers and roasters. We are constantly on the look out for interesting varietals and processing methods from single farms and cooperatives. When we taste a coffee that we really like, we want to learn more about its origin, process and the people who grow it. This way we can ensure that the coffee farmers receive fair pay for their produce and that our coffees are sourced ethically and sustainably, which ultimately benefits the region and the people who live there.

We take pride in an open door policy to the roastery, welcoming anybody wishing to find out more about the craft of roasting speciality coffee.