We launched our first Christmas Brew three years ago and it was a huge hit. We are excited to bring you the third version of our ‘Christmas in a cup’ with flavours that bring the festive spirit alive.

We have chosen two coffees from Honduras with juicy, sweet festive notes that will keep inviting you for another sip. With flavours of mulled wine, orange, warming cinnamon and a touch of nutmeg spices, it's almost as if you're having a mince pie!

50%   Maria Genoveva Martinez - Honduras
50%   Oropendula - Honduras

Taste:   Mulled wine, Orange, Cinnamon
Variety:   Parainema & Lempira
Process:   Natural & Anaerobic honey
Altitude:   1200 - 1500 masl


Variety:   Parainema
Las Casitas, Corquin, Copan
1200 masl
María Genoveva Martínez

Maria's farm is less than one hectare of land, all of which is maintained under the natural forest. Maria left Honduras a number of years ago to live in the USA, in search of a better life, but never felt integrated into society there and so decided to return to Honduras and start producing coffee, which she has done for the last 15 years. Since she doesn't have much land production will never be sufficient to make a living from coffee selling through commercial routes, therefore she has decided to focus entirely on quality and maximise her earnings through investment in quality coffee production. With the increased income generated from microlot sales Maria has been able to regenerate areas of her farm and improve her living conditions.

Once harvested, the coffee will be delivered to the Aruco mill where they assess the cherries and decide on the process for the coffees depending on space and what the producer has done already. The cherry is cleaned and washed and then floated to remove any immatures. The coffee is then taken to the beds where it is dried for between 20 -30 days weather depending where it is turned hourly.


Variety:   Lempira
Anaerobic honey 
Santiago de Puringla, Montecillos, La Paz
1500 masl
Chavez Family

Finca Oropendula has been in the Chazez family since 1957 when the first coffee was planted on this farm. Located in the Montecillos area about 1 hour from the town of Marcala in the department of La Paz. This small 4 hectare farm is planted with Lempira, Catuai & Bourbon. Igork who now runs the farm from his grandfather has been experimenting for the past few years with new processing methods as well as opening a small roastery and cafe in the local town of Santiago de Puringla to promote and sell their coffee. The Family are part of Solcafe which is a small 80 Producer cooperative based in Cangual area of La Paz.

Igork has been working on this honey anaerobic coffee for the past three years to develop the consistency and profile. On the farm they pay close attention to selecting and picking the ripe cherries. After this the coffee is transported to the wet mill which is about 30 minutes from the farm. 

The coffee is washed and floated and sealed in bags and left to ferment in an anaerobic environment for 36 hours down to a pH of 3.7. The coffee is then pulped and left with the mucilage on. From here it is then taken to raised African beds where it is then dried for 17 days.

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