Recognising the French Press as a firm favourite for coffee drinkers we have produced a coffee specifically for this stalwart brewing method. A consistent coffee delivering strong body, flavour and aroma; Steadfast embodies everything that is amazing about your morning brew. Further by abiding to our tough social and environmental standards you can be confident, steadfast in the unwavering flavour and sustainability of your brew. 



8oz / 227g



Varietals: Typica & Colombia
Processing: Fully washed and dried on guardiolas or patios
Altitude: 1700 - 1800 masl
Owner: Camilo Arguealla
Location: Santa Marta, Magdelene region
Certificate: Organic Certified

Tayronaca producers are overwhelmingly small-holders who manage their own self-sufficient wet-mills and patios (open or covered) for drying. Currently composed of 316 producers farming a total of 3,007.2 total hectares (426.8 of which are under coffee), the average farm size is quite substantial compared to other departments in Colombia. The average member has around 9.5 hectares total, 1.35 of which is under coffee. Farmers cultivate their trees, primarily the traditional varieties of Typica and Bourbon, under shade with average densities of 4,800 plants per hectare. Coffee production in the region is characterised by large cherries and beans, thanks to the constant presence of rains between the flowering and the ripening periods. Cup quality also tends to be quite high due the level of technical assistance that many farming families receive from regional organisations.

Most families do their own harvesting - usually with the help of neighbours. After the red and ripe cherries are picked, they are pulped by passing them through a manual pulper at the family farm (usually located close to the main house). The waste from this process will be used later as a natural fertilizer for the coffee trees. Depending on the conditions fermentation can range between 12 up to 48 hours.

For most of Asociación Tayronaca, coffee cultivation is their main means of economic sustenance. Some also cultivate sugarcane, but other than these crops, all other agriculture and activities are for household consumption. For the most part, individual families live separately on their farms rather than clustered in the community centre. Houses vary in shape, size and construction material, which depends on the weather, but many have distinct roofs of woven grass that are ubiquitous in the region.

Asociación Tayronaca carries on Tairona/Aruhuaco traditions whilst employing modern, quality-driven methods for farming coffee. By searching for new markets for their unique coffee, our exporting partner in the region is helping them to ensure their way of life for generations to come.


The first step is to preheat the french press with recently boiled water. Measure out 24 grams of freshly ground coffee into the press, we reckon a coarse grind setting is best. If you are without scales this is about four heaped teaspoons. Add 300 grams of hot water, just off a rolling boil. Give it a stir and let the coffee brew for 4 minutes. Just before pressing, use a spoon to remove the crust on the surface. Press at the 4 minute mark and enjoy! 

All our coffees are roasted and packed in foil-lined bags at our roastery in Penryn, Cornwall.

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