Reseal. Reuse. Recycle.

We're obviously super chuffed with our new coffee bag. But let's not just leave it here, it's not just about looks, right? 

We designed this bag to be a practical and sturdy item that can be used over and over again for storing coffee, spices, and why not even growing herbs or planting flowers.

Plant in a coffee bag!

We've been too many times in a situation where we buy some herbs for home, but have no spare pot to plant them in. We experimented and we found that our new bag actually makes a great environment for them to thrive. The bag is robust enough to hold them in place, but also to hold water too. A bit of a strange feature, but why not.

Grab a bag

The sturdy material is semi translucent and is made of fully recyclable LDPE. This provides a perfect resting environment for the coffee to de-gass after roasting. The excess CO2 (and other gasses) that the roasted coffee produces freely exit through the one-way valve at the back of the bag, which also serves as an aroma tester when squeezed! This also means that the C02 will push away any remaining oxygen left in the bag when we seal it, thus removing the factor that deteriorates the quality and characteristics of the coffee. Overall, your coffee will remain fresh, delicious and full of flavour for much longer.

Tear the bag
As soon as the coffee is roasted and leaves the roaster, it lands in the cooling bin. It spins while being cooled by cold air blowing underneath it. And as soon as the coffee gets cool in about 7-8 minutes, we bag it and seal it in the bags to ensure maximum freshness and flavour retention. Tear the bag open and enjoy the smell of freshly roasted speciality coffee!
We also included a zipper that allows the easy re-seal of the open bag. As soon as oxygen touches the coffee, it will begin to oxidise and thus start to slowly lose flavour and its delicate characteristics. To avoid this, re-seal the bag and gently squeeze it so the air exits through the one-way valve. This will make sure that the coffee will remain fresh for longer even after opening the bag.
Reseal the bag
We don't recommend keeping your coffee in the fridge or freezer. We suggest buying small quantities often and enjoying within a week or two after opening the bag. We roast and ship our coffees daily, which means that your coffee leaves our roastery the same day it is roasted. This makes sure that it arrives to you at its peak of freshness and deliciousness. We believe that for home use, the fresher the coffee is, the better it tastes and the flavour keeps for the longest.
Enjoy the brewed fresh coffee
One thing left to do. Enjoy! And don't forget to recycle.