1/2 Finca Las Mercedes, Colombia

1/2 Narino San Jose de Alban, Colombia

Taste:   Dark chocolate, Easpberry, Orange
Variety:   Caturra and Colombia
Both washed

Antioquia and Nariño, Colombia

1800 - 2100 masl

Producer:   Alfonso Guerra & Olga Escobar and Cooperative farmers from San Jose de Alban

In this year's Easter Blend we have combined two gorgeous Colombian beans to create a delicious brew for the Easter weekend. We have chosen the lovely Finca Las Mercedes with fantastic chocolate and orange flavours in the cup, which are perfectly balanced with the sweet raspberry notes of Narino San Jose. Super sweet and refreshing brew!

Limited edition available only in 8oz boxes.

. . . 

Finca Las Mercedes

Located in the temperate climate and mountainous terrain of southwest Antioquia, Finca Las Mercedes has the perfect altitude and climate for producing excellent quality coffee as well as playing host to a diversity of nativeflora and fauna. In this ideally situated terrain, the Guerra family have dedicated 150 of their 386 extensive hectares to coffee. The rest of the farm lies under native forest –some 236 hectares devoted entirely as nature and watershed preserve. In 1960, when Eduardo Guerra Sánchez bought Las Mercedes, the Finca was devoted entirely to dairy production. Don Eduardo’s background was coffee farming, however, and upon gaining control of the farm, he decided to give some small parcels of land over tocoffee. Despite the family heritage, the farm continued to produce primarily milk until Don Eduardo’s son, Alfonso Guerra Velez, took control of the farm some 20 years later.

In the first few years alone, Don Alfonso planted 150,000 coffee trees on the farm, and since this time, the principal economic focus of the Guerra family has turned to coffee farming. Don Alfonso’s son, Juan Carlos Guerra, will be the fourth generation in his family to farm coffee and is now actively involved in the activities of the farm. Under his influence, the farm has increasingly focused on quality improvements and speciality coffee production. The farm’sCaturra and Colombia trees are painstakingly maintained and to marry productivity and environmental stewardship. Plots are fertilized twice annually and all control of pests and illnesses are done using products that are certified as being friendly to wildlife.

Narino San Jose de Alban

This unique coffee is produced by Luis Ernesto Nieto, a community leader for specialty coffee in the municipality of China Alta; around 15km as the crow flies from the capital of Tolima, Ibague. Although most of the coffee from the state comes from its southern regions of Planadas and Chaparral, our export partner in the region, Pergamino, has decided to focus on exploring this exciting region. Coffee is the leading agricultural activity in the region, followed by the production of beans and the raising of cattle. These small scale farming activities provide the largest percentage of employment by a significant margin.

The importance of coffee to the local economy and livelihoods cannot be overstated. One of the main challenges in this remote area is the proliferation of ‘coyotes’ due to the difficulty of travel for many producers. Coyotes in this region are independent buyers (no coops, exporters, traders etc.), normally with small or very small operations who try to cut themselves space in the market by intercepting coffee growers as they are on their way to sell the coffee through regular channels. Crucial to sustaining the speciality efforts in this isolated region, is Mercanta’s Colombian partner, Pergamino Exporters. Pergamino has set up a structure whereby associated farm lots that score above an 84 on the SCA scale, are purchased at a premium in line with the quality of the lot. Pergamino has previously established similar projects with other small producer organisations in Antioquia, Huila and Cauca, all of which have been successful in identifying high-quality lots from small producers and helping place these coffees at the market for a higher price.

All our coffees are freshly roasted and packed in fully recyclable bags at our roastery in Penryn, Cornwall. In order to preserve the quality and freshness, we roast and pack your coffee on the day of dispatch.

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